Like everywhere there is fierce competition in the digital world too, as all brands are going digital. There are a whole new lot of websites going live every day. It is difficult to keep our brand stand out of the lot and achieve what you want and in this case, it's branding and more sales. 

Thus there is a need for applying a digital marketing strategy to improve the visibility of your website to get more visitors to showcase your products and services in order to increase revenue by increased sales. 

Many companies offer digital marketing services to businesses willing to rank their website high on the search engine result page or increase their social media presence to expand their brand awareness and boost sales. But these companies charge very high for their services and you have to share details about the core working or information about our company. If you want to avoid this, you can promote your website with the following tips for free. 

Search Engine Optimisations (SEO): 

SEO is the most effective way of improving the ranking of your website. It involves applying various digital marketing tactics and SEO strategies to make the website search engine friendly. You can achieve strong SEO by using keywords and key phrases throughout your website, adding alt tags to the images and optimising headings etc. 

Great Content on your Website:

No matter what SEO services your avail or which digital marketing strategy you apply, nothing will work if you don't have good content on your website. Having original, error-free and SEO-friendly content on your website is important for website ranking and visitor engagement. Content allows you to give information about your brand and products and helps in brand building and promoting sales. Content on the website is a good way to use keywords that the search engines understand and updating your content regularly gives an impression that you are constantly working on it. 

Email Marketing:

Building an email list and using it for your benefit is one of the best ways to promote your website and drive traffic to it. Email marketing is a direct way of communication with clients, it helps in sending personalised offers and discounts. Along with it, it helps build a loyal customer base and is a good way of keeping in touch with your clients. In addition, you can communicate new product launches or information about upcoming collections or stores. You can redirect many visitors to your website via email marketing and improve the ranking. 

Social Media Presence:

The whole world is on social media. Hence, it is important that your business must have a strong social media presence on all the popular social media platforms. It helps in improving engagement and is a great way to share information about your business, its products, services and other USPs. In addition, social media makes it easy to reach a diverse audience. Social media is great for increasing brand awareness and redirecting traffic to your website. 

Awesome Website:

In addition to great marketing methods, it is necessary that your website must be a visual treat for visitors. You must use a great layout with good videos, images, infographics etc. Moreover, the website must be easy to navigate and easy to understand or find things on it. A good website increases the engagement of the website. 


Collaboration with a complementary brand is one way to increase website organic traffic. It helps in harnessing the power of teamwork which is mutually beneficial for both brands. For example, if you are into the fast food business, you can collaborate with the cold drink business and market both items simultaneously in one single advertisement